Determining the Real Value and Advantage of a Generic Domain Name

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In an interview with, Andre Rosener, a popular domain expert revealed the most important keys to determining the real value and advantage of using a generic domain name. The whole point of that interview was that, in the current domain selling market, there are no specific methods or tools that can accurately value the generic domain names.

But, Andrew Rosener tries to explain his own method. Rosener is the CEO of the domain name brokerage company Media Options and he also works as a consultant with several media properties. The Rosener’s method only applies to generic domains that have exact match keywords such as and, not brandable domains such as Google and iCloud. In determining the real value of domains, Rosener starts off by utilizing the Google AdWords keyword tool, to identify how many times specific keywords are searched. By doing so, he can more easily judge the viability of a certain domain. One of his clues to a valuable and profitable domain is if the match comes back from Google AdWords for a match of at least 1000.

The next thing he does is looking at what it costs advertisers to keep the top spot in traffic on Google or better known as cost per click CPC. Typically, his formula calls for the generic domains’ number of Google searched to be multiplied by at least 80%. You should know that this percentage serves as a calculation of how many clicks per month it will get as the top place on Google. Once he estimates that, Rosener takes that number and multiplies it by the CPC to identify the cost to click on the domain on Google per month. After this, he multiplies that monthly cost per click value by 2 years to establish the domain’s retail value. For those who don’t know – the retail value refers to the ideal value of the domain rather than the exact value of the domain name.

In addition to this method, this highly-qualified expert, notes that judging the real value and advantage of generic domains includes various factors such as the shortness of the domain, whether a hyphen is present, and etc. Furthermore, he discovers more value in domains with .com, .org, .net, as opposed to .me, and others. There is one mistake Rosener notices and that is that people don’t really make a difference between the singular and the plural based on the Google exact search.

Most people think that the plural name was better, but Rosener bases his decision on what Google delivers as the more searched name. Furthermore, the utilization of the singular or plural may be based on the message the user wants to put forth. It is proven that the plural is best for directories while the singular form has value to someone who wants the absolute use of the name. Here is one example – is a domain name for someone who wants to be the most popular and famous house painter in the region, while this domain – is suitable and would have a maximum value as a guide for interested users who search for house painters in the area.

Rosener also notes that Germany definitely has the biggest online presence in the world.

We hope that Rosener’s method is going to help you determine the value of the generic domain name. Remember you need to adjust accordingly, utilize the technique in the right way, and begin! If you need to know about your domain availability, you can checkout this link.