How to Create a Lead Capture Page without Having a Website or Hosting

A lead capture page is the potential first sight that the user comes in contact with. It is the potential page on which you showcase your products and services that you will provide to the customers. A lead capture page provides customers with the contact information and is the first basis of interaction between you and the customer.

Unlike other pages the lead capture page focuses on every single promotion you have, one at a time. The lead capture page usually has the contact information, a complete list of the offers available, lead capture forms and a lot more. Unlike the homepage, the lead capture page does not include any navigation links. A lead capture page aims to get customers to sign up through the forms. In addition to this, there can be multiple lead capture pages for multiple promotion offers.

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There are many important features needed that can form a stand out lead capture page. It is important to have a headline that will grab everyone’s attention. The headline needs to be interesting and unique that will be greatly noticeable. A CTA button with personalized copy should be there as well and the button should have a proper color contrast with the page. Also include an optimized lead capture form. In addition to this add a relevant image and copy.

The relevant image should all be eye-catching and unique, whereas the copy should provide all the information regarding the promotions. The copy can also be a teaser of the actual offer, moreover it is better to use to copy with bullet points rather than a huge paragraph. Add customer badges, these are logos of business that know and use your services, which will help show the customers who all you have provided your services to. Lastly should have trust seals which will ensure the customers the information they have provided will be kept securely.

There are various ways through which you can create a lead capture page. You can use an in task developer, hire an outsider to create the page or create the page yourself through various software’s. To create a lead page yourself you can start by choosing the template that you like which you can customize, edit and then publish. On the other hand if you use an outsider you can create the page through various marketing tools and a few other instructions.

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