The Key Metrics That Define Expired Domains Quality

If you following the trend of acquiring expired domains in 2017, then hold on. Many people invest in “high quality” expired domains and get worthless domain names. Are you one of them?

Stay with us. In this article we`ll explain the evaluation process and key metrics that determine the quality of an expired domain name.

There are lot of black hat tools on the market that can provide unreal image of the real metrics that show the SEO value of the domains. All the metrics can be exposed to manipulators, thus why you must check the domain trough few filters before you bring a decision for purchase – never trust only one metric.

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Here are the key metrics that can define the expired domain quality:

  1. MOZ – DA/PA/MR

They provide in-depth detailed backlink portfolio of all the sites that are pointed to the required domain name, as well as can define the link juice that a certain domain is acquiring.

Domain Authority provides a 0-100 point value that shows the performance of a website in the SERPs. The DA is pretty much predicting how your site does or will perform in the search engines, yet it changes the perspective if Google updates their algorithm.

Page Authority does a similar prediction as DA, but shows the performance of a single page from the required website (or domain).

Moz Rank (a 0-10 value) is ranking your site by analyzing the quality of the backlinks.

  1. Page Rank – PR

This metric is provided by Google from the very beginning of search engine optimization and it shows a 0-10 value define by Google’s algorithm.

However, the PR you see is updated only once in 6 months and it can be easily faked by using the old redirect trick (when the domain is redirected to a higher PR website).

  1. Citation and Trust Flow

Provided by Majestic, these metrics are one of the top metrics for determine the quality of the desired domain name or website. The benefit of these providers Is that they have 2 indexes.

Citation Flow is a 0-100 point value that is analyzing the backlinks that point to the expired domain name, similar to PR and DA metrics.

Trust Flow, is also a 0-100 value system, that will measure the expired domain name trust online by analyzing the websites have pointed backlinks to it. So, having authority and high quality websites back linking the domain name means that you are in good company and have high trust flow.

These are not the only metrics on the market. We can mention SEMRush and Alexa Rank as potential metrics than can add up to the evaluation process and help you get a better oversight of the expired domain you want to acquire.